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I’m Beware NAR …

... and I'm not referring to Narnia! … and I’m probably stepping on some toes! … and I’m not going to tell you what to do! 😉

But I received this article in an email today from Christ in Prophecy. I’ll explain more about them down below.

I had never heard of NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) until covid hit and the 2020 election. I started listening to some of these folks during that time when all the churches were shut down.

I have since stopped listening to ALL of them. I found their prophecies are vague (to say the least) and more often than not they are false. I do not believe they are scriptually sound and are leading people astray.

NAR also believes in health/wealth or the prosperity gospel, dominion theology (the church will rule and reign on the earth) and the continuing ministry of apostles and prophets.

It is alarming the number of online and TV evangelists, preachers, pastors and so called prophets who are part of this and similar movements. Social media is ripe with them.

You can click HERE or the photo above to read the article which is from a recent blog from Christ in Prophecy. They are doctrinally sound.

Christ in Prophecy's prophetic insight is straight from the Bible, following the events surrounding Israel and the Biblical signs of the times during these perilous days.

I hope this is insightful to some of you who may be wondering about this and similar movements. There seem to be many involved and we cannot be deceived!

Also, click HERE for further info on NAR's beliefs from

I will name a just a few from my own experience and research whose teachings I don’t agree with: Bill Johnson, Kenneth Hagen, Kenneth Copeland, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Hank Kunneman, Robin Bullock, Joyce Meyer, Lou Engle, Che Ann, Todd White, Cindy Jacobs and Patricia King. There are many many many more.

This is my opinion. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions. And most importantly read your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth. Don’t take my word for it!

Remember! God’s Word is truth. Run it all through the Word. Every doctrine. Every belief. Every prophecy. Every word you hear. Every word someone speaks to you.

Let’s pray …

O Lord.

We come to you in the name of Jesus. The name above all names. The name that is worthy of our praise.

Give us discernment! Help us not to fall prey to those who are teaching, preaching and prophecying falsehoods.

Help us to turn to the Word when we have questions or hear something that is troublesome in our spirits.

Help us to find the truth. It will set us free. It will protect us. It will lead and guide us.

Your Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. We test it all through Your Word. We trust you and you alone.

In Jesus name.



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Amen ‼️✨💞


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Thank You Cheryl..Many false prophets now in the end times. Deception is rampant. The Bible is the truth…

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