Astounding Update: AFLDS!


What? Say it isn't true! Oh, but it is true! Dr. Simone Gold was arrested by the FBI for attending the Jan. 6th Trump rally. She was already target due to her stance on the Covid hoax (ie politicization and over exaggeration). She had already been fired from her previous position. She is dedicating her life fighting for our freedoms now.

This is astounding and disturbing that an American citizen is arrested for MERELY attending a Patriotic rally. You can donate to her legal defense fund here. And she is not the only one. Pray for her. Pray for the others. Pray for America.

You can become a member of her website They have information on hydroxychloriquine and tele-health appointments and much more.

JUST SAY NO TO VACCINES! Go here to sign a petition to stop mandatory vaccines. If you want to do this for yourself that's your choice. That's what freedom is about - choice! But the rest of us should not be forced to go against our religious beliefs or any other reason for denying this or any vaccineThis is from America's Frontline Doctors. Soon they will be requiring this nefarious vaccine for flights and travel.

Prayer: Lord, cover Dr. Simone Gold with your mighty, protective power and surround her with your mighty angels. God bless Dr. Gold and send your angels to guard her. We rebuke these unconstitutional mandates. We call forth the Spirit of Freedom to rise up over America and her people. He that the SON sets free is free indeed. In Jesus name. Amen!