Astound Them


It’s like we’ve been pushed down to the dust of the earth. Told not to speak. To cover our mouths. To stay alone. To be safe rather than sorry. To stop living like normal people live. To stop being, doing and going. We call out from the dust of the earth your life giving words. Like a whisper from the dust we proclaim the Word of the Lord. We stand up in the face of this demonic surge like a hen with her hackles up. We say - No more!

You said! I have come to give you life. He that the son sets free is free indeed. You will know the truth and the truth will set you free! We say again! You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. In Jesus name. We declare truth over the American people. We declare truth to rise up all across this land. Truth prevail in America! Truth in every sector rise up. In the courts and city halls. In the house and senate. Let your truth prevail! In Jesus name.

We declare truth over covid. Oh Lord God in heaven. Shut the mouths of the prophets of doom and gloom! Shut their mouths. Tie the hands of those trying to tie our hands. Gag their mouths like they are trying to gag our mouths. Tie them up. Tangle them up. Trip them up over their own words until the illusion becomes obvious. In Jesus name. We push back this demonic stronghold and tear down the walls setup against your kingdom!

Lord Jesus! You have given us brains. You have given us common sense. We can walk in wisdom and in faith. We know who the most vulnerable are. We don’t need to be led around like puppy dogs and made to sit and heel. We declare the truth be unleashed over covid. In Jesus name! Unleash the truth! Unleash the truth! Unleash the truth!

Lord Jesus. Resurrect the church! Give your church discernment! Give your church courage and boldness. Now is not the time to cower down and hide out. Not the time to be ashamed. Not the time to turn tail and run. Not the time to turn pale with fear. Now is the time! Now is the time to rise up in faith! Now is the time we should be shouting out hope and love. Shouting the good news that Jesus can save this sin sick world. Now is the time we should be the city on the hill shining for the light of the Lord. Now is the time to be the salt of the earth!

Almighty God. Help those blinded by fear to see through the darkness. Abolish the arrogant. Silence the scoffers. Penetrate the darkness with your truth in every situation and circumstance. Do away with the evil plotters in this upcoming election. Astound them with a reversal of their devious plans. Turn it around on them. Turn it around!

We declare the eyes blinded to the truth of socialism to be opened. In Jesus name. We declare socialism, marxism and communism is defeated in this nation. We stomp stomp stomp on their ugly dead heads. We declare a landslide victory in the upcoming election for President Trump.

We declare that the wayward and confused voters will gain an understanding of the dire straits of our Nation and our freedom. We declare the undecided to become decisive and cast their vote for freedom! We declare that the evangelicals rise up. In the name of Jesus. Rise up and put aside your petty differences and vote for this chaos President sent to stand up for America. Oh Lord. We call them forth by your mighty spirit.

Jesus come! Come and astound the hypocrites, naysayers and nonbelievers with your wonder working power. All the wisdom and intelligence of the elites will pass away. And your truth will remain standing steadfast. So will we.

In Jesus name. Amen.