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My Father! My Father!

We stand up. We open the windows and shoot the arrow. We stand in the gap. We stand on the wall. We stand in prayer and faith believing that we will see the salvation and glory of the Lord descend upon America. We believe it! We declare it! We will not stand in doubt with our faith wavering. We will stand firm and we will stand in FAITH!

We will not back down to these rebellious men and women set out to destroy us. They are not just against us. They want to destroy us! Destroy America, the electoral process and President Trump. Destroy freedom. Destroy the church. Destroy EVERYTHING that is normal, moral, pure, noble or good.

We will not bow down to their whims. We will not hide. We will not listen to their lunacy and nonsense. We will NOT be changed into muzzled up sheep without a voice or opinion. We will not sit in a corner like a child with a dunce hat. We will NOT be brainwashed or intimidated by their demonic, controlling chatter. We will not comply!

We have been washed by the blood and the price has been paid for our freedom. We WILL listen to the Voice of the Lord. His voice says that we are victorious. His voice says that we are champions. His voice says we are redeemed and we have been set free. His voice says we are strong. His voice says we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us! He is our strength! He is our song in this midnight hour!

We have picked up the quiver, opened the window and shot a victory arrow! We shout it from the rooftops. Our God Reigns! We open the eastern window and let the SON shine in! We shoot our arrows of truth into the atmosphere and aim straight for these strongholds setup over us. In Jesus name. They have NO power over the redeemed of the Lord.

We will not stop beating our arrows on the ground. We will not stop calling out to the Lord in prayer. We will not stop declaring the GLORY of the Lord will utterly decimate and defeat these socialist and communist foes from within and without. We declare! You are defeated in the name of Jesus. The Lord of Hosts is here with his legions upon legions of war angels and he will destroy these gates of hell. They will NOT prevail in America.

We stand up. We shoot the arrows of the Lord straight to the throne room where Jesus is EVER interceding for us! We shout with a voice of triumph. We shout with a voice of praise. The Lion of the Tribe Judah! He is the king. He is the victor. King Jesus! He has THE crown! He has THE keys. He can open every window and every door that need to be opened.

Corona doesn’t have the crown. Communism doesn’t have the crown. These cheap, corrupt and compromised politicians don’t have the crown. None of them have the keys. They are all filthy dross that will be purged by the fire of the Lord and removed from among us. They are the dregs of the earth and they will pay for their evil and their wrongdoings. They. Will. Pay. O Righteous Judge! Let your judgement and justice be served upon them.

We declare over the church! Just as the anointed bones of Elisha brought a dead man back to the life. The anointed bones of the church of the living God will bring America back from the brink of extinction. We have risen from the dust with a rattle rattle rattle. We are the MIGHTY ARMY of the Lost Most High chosen for such a time as this. We are ALIVE AND WELL. O Hallelujah!

We declare FREEDOM over America. He that the Son sets free is free indeed. We are no longer bound by the chains of compromise and complacency. We rise to the occasion, open the window and shoot the victory arrow! We declare! Victory is ours!

In the name of King Jesus. So be it!


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