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Arise O Lord!

Arise O Lord! Arise and let your enemies be scattered. Scatter them to the corners of the earth. Cleanse the cities and towns. Cleanse the highways and byways. Let your glory shine forth throughout the land. Arise over the nations of the earth. Let heaven come to earth!

We declare the Word of the Lord! And whenever the Ark set out, Moses would shout, Arise, O Lord, and let your enemies be scattered! Let them flee before you!

Arise O Lord! Arise and shine your glory in the face of the domestic terrorists. Blind their eyes to evil deeds. Tie their hands and feet. Bind their mouths. Hold their tongues. Silence them! Shut up the filth and hatred that they shout in the faces of citizens and police officers. In Jesus name. We rebuke their evil intents. Defund their funders. Debunk their backers. Dismantle them from the top down.

Arise O Lord! Arise with your thunderous voice and drown out the voices lifted against America and President Trump. Arise over the false prophets of media! Arise over the politicians full of the devil and declaring war on anything moral or righteous. We declare the voice of the Lord ring loud and clear throughout the land and drown out the naysayers.

Arise O Lord! Arise and cleanse the earth from this scourge of covid. Turned around and twisted and used for political gain. Used to suppress. Used to muzzle. Used to control. Used to fear monger. In the mighty name of Jesus. We say enough! Enough of you bottom dwellers using the people as pawns in your evil game.

Arise O Lord! Arise and swipe away the final remains of covid. Swipe it away! Swipe away fear. Swipe away the lies. Thank you for every nurse and doctor that have stood up in the face of the lies and half truths. Protect the vulnerable. Raise up a shield! Protect the children used as pawns in this political scandal. Raise up a shield! Protect our freedoms they are seeking to take away using covid. Raise up a shield!

Arise O Lord! Let your glory shine down on the church. Let your glory come and consume pastors and congregations. Let the brilliant light of your glory pull the closed down churches out of the caves. Pull down pride and greed. Shine so bright they can’t stay blinded by the hypocrisy. Shine truth into your church. Shine hope and faith.

Arise O Lord! Arise and cause our enemies to flee. Yes! They will flee before the Lord. Just like Moses, we will sing a song of deliverance because you will bring us out dancing over the dust of our enemies! We declare it!

In Jesus name. Amen.

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