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It’s true! IT IS ALL TRUE! Every Word. Every promise. Every thought toward us who call upon your name. They are all true.

“Let the godly sing for joy to the Lord; it is fitting for the pure to praise him.

Praise the Lord with melodies on the lyre; make music for him on the ten-stringed harp.

Sing a new song of praise to him; play skillfully on the harp, and sing with joy.

For the word of the Lord HOLDS TRUE, and we can trust everything he does.

He loves whatever is just and good; the unfailing love of the Lord fills the earth.”


Ho! Fill us O LORD!

“The Lord merely spoke, and the heavens were created. He breathed the word, and all the stars were born.

He assigned the sea its boundaries and locked the oceans in vast reservoirs.

Let the whole world fear the Lord, and let everyone stand in awe of him.

For when he spoke, the world began! It appeared at his command.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭33:6-9‬

Ho! You are in control. You are in charge. You are in command.

“The Lord frustrates the plans of the nations and thwarts all their schemes.

But the Lord’s plans stand firm forever; his intentions can never be shaken.

What joy for the nation whose God is the Lord, whose people he has chosen as his inheritance.”

Psalms‬ ‭33

Ho! We are your kids! O how you love us! We are your kings and priests! O how we love you! We are of your kindred spirit. We trust in you. We believe in you because IT IS ALL TRUE!



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