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O Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

We have been born again! We have been born into everlasting freedom! We declare to the earth and it’s inhabitants!

“He that the Son sets free is FREE INDEED.”

John 8:36

We declare FREEDOM over America!

Rise up America!

Rise up Church!

Rise up Pastors!

Rise up and be free!

In Jesus name!

Shed the shackles of covid!

Shed the covid fear!

Shed the masks.

Shed the social distancing.

Shed the fear mongering.

Shed the fear of man and mandates.

In Jesus name!

Snap the chains of confinement!

Snap the chains of confusion and chaos!

Snap the political chains that have you bound!

Snap the covid chains!

We were BORN TO BE FREE! We declare over the people that you begin to WALK in your freedom and TAKE IT BACK!

There are NO chains that can hold us down! No chains of government or politicians. No chains of global elites. No chains of corporate execs or loud mouth Hollywood types. No chains of spoiled sports figures. No one and no thing can hold us down! No one can stop what God is doing in the earth. No one can stop this great awakening.

In the name of Jesus. He that the Son sets free is FREE INDEED!




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