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Made in America

So here is something that we ALL can do to help out our beloved America. Buy American Made. Buy Made in America. Buy Local. Buy Handmade. Buy beef and meat and eggs and milk from local farmers or farmer's markets. After all we are Americans! Why not support Americans instead of supporting China. I believe this is something that more and more Americans are becoming aware of. We need to pray that they do and spread the word!

Email me if you have any Made in America ideas or companies to add to what I have below. Scroll down to see my list and that of members that are starting to contribute.

You can check out this BLOG POST for more info on 2nd Vote and companies to boycott.

I am so over these big oligarch Corporations. I'm doing what I can to NOT support them and look for buying local and other alternatives. I have NO desire to support these large corporations that are attempting to bring down America. China is attempting to take over our Nation and I have NO desire to buy China products. I would rather pay more and support Made in America. We have to take a stand to take back America

We have to start somewhere. I'm starting right here and right now. I've already started weeding down my Amazon Prime monthly subscriptions. I want to TOTALLY close the account out. We have to hit these people in their pocketbooks. I had previously shutdown Prime Video along with Netflix (who promotes child porn).


One option is local Farmer's Markets and Public Markets. Just do a local web search in your area. I don't use Google any longer since they are involved in the coup of censoring and silencing Americans who believe in free speech and just happen to be Conservative or Christian. I use Duck Duck Go.

Check out the website. Lots of information and links to additional sites. You can sign up for their email list, or not. A great place to start looking for information on how to buy American. Let's support AMERICA! They even have "how to" books. Cool!


OK folks! This is your one stop shop for everything Made in America. Oh! What a list it is! You just gotta check this out! They have a full directory of anything and everything that is American Made. They tout that they are the world's largest organizer of American made products. So check it out Made In America Co!

I'm REALLY excited about this one. This is an entire movement dedicated to Made in America. WOW! They have a blog. They haveMade in America companies. They have Pledge and so much more!


Mammoth Nation is the alternative to Amazon. Join up for $29 and support an American company owned by a Patriot!


Our 2nd vote is our dollar. Let's not give it to those who want to destory our freedom! Let's top supporting these companies that despise us, America and our freedom!


Mammoth Nation has tons of American owned companies that love America! Let's support freedom loving companies!

How about some IT Help from a fellow Patriot?

So exactly how many times have you tried to get help online but the "language barrier" is ... uh, frustrating to say the least! Here's your solution if you need computer help! Go to USA Remote Computer Repair.


This company is based in Atlanta but they can do remote repair throughout the entire USA! Check out their website for more information and details. Their team does remote repair, maintenance and service. Give these guys a call or email if you need some good ole American ingenuity and help out a fellow Patriot! Go USA!


Let me know the Made In America companies you know! - towels grown and sewn in the USA - seller of towels, sheets, comforters and more. Seed-to-Stitch! - BBQ seasonings and rubs made by Deron (from Texas, of course)! - natural health promoting products (body, skin, hair, herbal remedies and Nutritional support. All from a homeschooling Mom in Ohio! - skin care and complete skin care systems. - silicone rings, belts and watchbands. - vitamins and supplements, sports nutrition, essential oils, health and beauty and more. Manufactured in Illinois and Nevada. - makers of fine leather goods, candles and stationery, apparel and jewelry. Just beautiful! - based in California, these are handmade candles with 10% revenue going to women who were victims of sex trafficking. - a private buyer's club for farm fresh milk, cheese, butter, eggs, meat, bread and much more. What a great idea! - supplements and all kinds of other goodies and helpful information on living a healthy life. - a nourishing skin product made from organic essential oil. Handcrafted by a young woman in California. Christine (one of our members) gives it a big thumbs up and says folks tell her that she looks younger than her 61 years! 

Yes! We can make a difference!

We can make a difference in our families and homes. We can make a difference in our communities, cities and states. We can make a difference in our Nation. All is not lost. All is not over. We are a Nation under God. We will stand United and we will trust in our God.

Don't forget to send me your homegrown companies and Made in America companies. Let's do some MAGA!


We've got to LIVE LOCAL. Why is this such a BIG deal? Because it makes us less dependent on BIG government and BIG monopolies that try and control our freedom.