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Freedom Resources & Handouts

Pray. Fast. Read your Bible. Consecrate yourself.

Ask the Lord what He would have you to do.

He will answer your prayer.


We all need to intercede for America. This site has amazing tools and guides to help you pray for America and our leaders. Even if you do not consider yourself an "intercessor", your prayers are just as valuable and important! God hears the cries of our hearts. He is not so interested in how we form the words. He just wants us to TALK TO HIM! Do as much or as little as you like with this site. It is a very helpful tool.

After you sign up, at the bottom of their HOME page is a section called ACTION ITEMS. You can go here and they will send emails to your Senators and Representatives. Their names and emails are already there. You just add your info. This could not be ANY simpler. This an easy way to let your voice be heard!

This is IMPORTANT and an easy step for you to take if you want to help SAVE AMERICA!


Listen and Learn.

Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA creator

The creator of the mRNA"vaccine" said it is experimental. He freely admits that he DOES NOT KNOW what it will do your child. Please don't allow your precious children to be part of this experiment!

The creator of this mRNA experimental shot is Dr. Richard Malone. Even he said: Don't Do It! Listen to this warning video that he put out recently.

Dr. Peter McCullough also recommends that children DO NOT take this "vaccine". Many more doctors have come out against this.


Your children's minds, brains and organs are still developing. Please do your own research. It can't be undone once it's done.


The Healthy American

The Healthy American was started by Peggy Hall from California. She has been in politics. She is an educator. She also does water yoga for seniors. And most importantly, she is a born again Christian!

Go here for information about your rights and freedoms regarding mandatory masks and the absolute tyranny going on against our freedoms as Americans. Peggy Hall is an amazing inspiration for us all. You are not alone in this fight for freedom!

She has tons of information, forms, civil liberty information and great videos. You can also get exemption cards for mask wearing. I have one!

This video is an interview with Pastor Tim Thompson of Our Watch. It goes into more depth about the satanic rituals of masks.

 Click here for Masks and Religious Beliefs PDF and a few more compelling thoughts I have on the whole mask issue. These mask mandates are unconstitutional and the background behind masks is demonic and quite chilling. Click here for more info on the masking of America.

Save The Children Handouts

Printable PDF from Children's Health Defense. Print these out and leave them wherever people will find them: at stores, malls, restaurants and bulletin boards; in books, on cars, on food court tables; on shelves or kids play areas.


Statement of Non-Consent to Face Masking

Go HERE to see a letter you can give to your child's school that is requiring masks. This is from For other states, just do some research and you will find similar types of help and information.

We MUST stand up as a unified body and not comply to the tyranny taking place across the Nation. Now is the time to SAVE THE CHILDREN from this fear mongering and oppression!

How to counter the lies of
Critical Race Theory

This resource is from which is another organization fighting to save our liberties in America. This explains what CRT is and how to counter the arguments.

The Fauci/Covid-19 Dossier

This is Dr. David E. Martin's covid dossier that he has sent to every Attorney General in the United States.


My local freedom group actually sent this out to all of our local, state and federal officials. This is a great tool to use to TAKE ACTION and stand up against medical tyranny. Send it to all your local, state and federal officials whatever State you are in!


If we just sit idly by. And if we just complain. And if we just do nothing. Then nothing will change. 

Make Americans Free Again

These printable and shareable graphic cards from are professional, stylish and easy to hand out. I have attached a PDF of these small handout cards that you can print out and leave with friends, coworkers, or lying on a bench. Whatever works for you to help spread the word. 

This is a nationwide movement that started in Ohio. These folks have information on how to fight against the masks mandates and to fight against mandatory vaccines. And info on homeschooling and legal resources. These people mean business!

We must stand up and fight!

Why wearing a MASK is against my religious beliefs!

This is a printable and shareable PDF regarding the unconstitutional mask mandates. They are against the Bible and scripture references are noted.


Peggy Hall at The Healthy American has a vast array of information covering this egregious assault on our freedom. Her site is She has gone all out in this fight against the mandated masks and other government overreach. She is awesome!


There is an excellent video called The Mask Ritual on the Take A Stand page from The Healthy American. They are also also clickable in the attached PDF. They are worth watching for yourself and ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN! 

Tennessee Stands

Tennessee residents! Have you had enough of lawless executive orders and mandates? Tennesseans are rising up and taking action. Tennessee Stands is a grass roots organization fighting against this government tyranny. Governor Bill Lee has gone completely rogue from the Constitution. Our State of Emergency is now into February 2021. He has limited gatherings to 10 people. It is complete government overreach..

Go to their website to sign the Resolution that is being presented. We build an army in Tennessee to fight the preservation of our liberties.

Don't live in Tennessee? Don't worry. There are grass roots organizations rising up all over America. Just search and ask and you will find them.


The Resolution

The emergency powers of the Governor of the State of Tennessee per TCA §58-2-107 do not extend beyond the powers given him per the Tennessee Constitution Article III and the distribution of powers found in Article II, Section 2.  -excerpt from The Resolution

America's Frontline Doctors

Do you remember Dr. Simone Gold from the steps of the Capitol? Remember how the MSM and social media went berserk because these illustrious doctors dares to confront the madness of the covid lockdowns and mandates? Well, she is back in full force with

You can visit this site where you can sign a petition to against mandatory experimental vaccines. You can subscribe for updates and/or become a member. Their website has info on covid19 and how to setup a telehealth appointment and to secure covid 19 medications.

They cover lockdowns, masks and vaccines. There is a wealth of information on this website. Let's support this awesome group of doctors and their cause to free America from medial tyranny.

Click HERE for information on how to get telehealth appointments and covid19 medications.

American's Frontline Doctors

We pray protection over Dr. Simone Gold as she serves a prison sentence for a misdemeanor trespass charge!


This is a great site! You put the name of the Company and 2nd Vote gives you their score on Life, 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, Education, Immigration and Environment. It's quite astonishing what some of these companies stand for and believe in. I signed up on a yearly basis because I want to support companies that are not godless communists. You can sign up for free and you get limited info. I support them 100%!


2nd Vote's Mission Statement:

  • Defending traditional Judeo-Christian values and the principles of America.

  • Defunding radical, progressive, anti-Judeo-Christian organizations.

2ndVote’s mission is to stop companies and organizations from funding the attack on traditional American values. Your first vote is cast at the ballot box, hoping to make a difference. Your second vote is in the checkout line. Corporations use a portion of the money you spend to fund a number of causes, many of which are harming our families, our communities and our future. With 2nd Vote, you become an informed consumer who knows how your money is used after it is spent."


Here is an example of what 2nd Vote does. Publix is a Regional Grocer in the Southeast. I LOVE this store. I've been shopping here since I was a teenager. It's clean. It's fresh. They have super friendly people (except for the guy who won't speak to me because I don't have a mask on).


I found out they are the VERY LIBERAL on Life (abortion), 2nd Amendment (gun rights) and Environment (climate change). Uh oh!

So, here is what I will do. I will find other stores that are more Conservative. I am learning to Go Local, Live Local and Support Local. I'm getting ready to buy a COW from a local farmer. To freeze in my freezer not to graze on the hillside. ;-)


THIS IS HOW we will KEEP our freedom and take back what has been stolen by that ole dirty devil and his evil minions. Don't depend on government. Don't depend on monopolies. Don't support freedom hating entities. Why would we? Boo!!!


Check out 2nd Vote. You'll be glad you did! Let Freedom Ring!​

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