Freedom Handouts!

Statement of Non-Consent to Face Masking

Go HERE to see a letter you can give to your child's school that is requiring masks. This is from For other states, just do some research and you will find similar types of help and information.

We MUST stand up as a unified body and not comply to the tyranny taking place across the Nation. Now is the time to SAVE THE CHILDREN from this fear mongering and oppression!

How to counter the lies of
Critical Race Theory

This resource is from which is another organization fighting to save our liberties in America. This explains what CRT is and how to counter the arguments.

No Trespassing!

I cannot EVEN believe I'm having to do this. But with a government gone buck wild and rogue, I'm adding this PDF for trespassing by government agents. If they show up to question you regarding the "shot" (whether you have had the shot or not), you DO NOT have to answer ANY questions or give ANY information. Tell them they are trespassing, tell them to leave and give them the form.

This is a violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution for ALL Americans! You have a right to photo, record or video the conversation per Constitutional Attorney, Krisanne Hall. Check out her website and movie, NonCompliant. She also is offering free No Trespassing signs to print out from her site.

You can purchase No Trespassing signs locally at Home Depot, Lowes or Ace. I purchased two from Amazon but they are American Made, of course. Click on the photo to go the My Sign Center Store on Amazon.

Why wearing a MASK is against my religious beliefs!

This is a printable and shareable PDF regarding the unconstitutional mask mandates. They are against the Bible and scripture references are noted.


Peggy Hall at The Healthy American has a vast array of information covering this egregious assault on our freedom. Her site is She has gone all out in this fight against the mandated masks and other government overreach. She is awesome!


There is an excellent video called The Mask Ritual on the Take A Stand page from The Healthy American. They are also also clickable in the attached PDF. They are worth watching for yourself and ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN! 


Let Freedom Ring!

Tennessee Stands

This printable and shareable PDF is the handout for the Resolution against the Governor of the State of Tennessee and his executive orders during covid-19 which extend beyond the powers given him per the Tennessee Constitution Article III and the distribution of powers found in Article II, Section 2.

The entire Resolution can be found on their website at They are people of action. And so should we do the same!

We the People!
Take it Back!
Make Americans Free Again

These printable and shareable graphic cards from are professional, stylish and easy to hand out. I have attached a PDF of these small handout cards that you can print out and leave with friends, coworkers, or lying on a bench. Whatever works for you to help spread the word. 

This is a nationwide movement that started in Ohio. These folks have information on how to fight against the masks mandates and to fight against mandatory vaccines. And info on homeschooling and legal resources. These people mean business!

We must stand up and fight!