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Who and How to Boycott

I am so over these big, woke, oligarch Corporations. I'm doing what I can to NOT support them and look for buying local and other alternatives. I have NO desire to support these large corporations that are attempting to bring down America. China is attempting to take over our Nation and I have NO desire to buy China products.


Walk through Walmart and find something not made in China. I dare you. I double dare you. And don't go to the deli and get pizza. LOL 


I would rather pay more and support Made in America. We have to take a stand to take back America and STOP BUYING CHEAP CHINA STUFF!

We have to start somewhere. I'm starting right here and right now. I've already started weeding down my Amazon Prime monthly subscriptions. I want to TOTALLY close the account out. We have to hit these people in their pocketbooks. I had previously shutdown Prime Video along with Netflix (who promotes child porn).


I don't use Google, Safari or Duck Duck Go any longer since they are involved in the coup of censoring and silencing Americans who believe in free speech and just happen to be Conservative and/or Christian.


I use the BRAVE browser.

We have to do things differently if we want to make a difference.

WE (as in us - you and me) have to make the change to make a difference.


We Buy American. Go HERE.

We learn to LIVE LOCAL. Go HERE.


We Take Back Our Freedom! Go HERE.

We have to unmask and tear the covers off of Covid Fear. Go HERE.


Check out the


BOYCOTT LIST down below.

You can check out this BLOG POST

for more info on 2nd Vote

and companies to boycott.


Guess who stopped selling My Pillow by Mike Lindell?


JC Penney, H-E-B, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kroger, and Macy's

No Worries! Just go HERE to purchase his sheets, pillows, towels and so much more!


Know Your Enemies:


These are the companies that have just volunteered to be on the boycott list of anyone who is a Trump supporter, a Patriot or believes in the integrity of the election process and the First Amendment. They have ALL pulled funding for the few remaining Republicans who support President Trump.




Coca Cola

Blue Cross / Blue Shield



PGA Golf

Dow Chemical

Hallmark Greeting Cards

American Express

Commerce Bank

Goldman Sachs


Morgan Stanley

JP Morgan Chase

Bank of America


Vanguard Group

Smithfield Foods


Apple (MacIntosh)




Duetsche Bank




Alphabet (Google)









Dollar General 



Let's take a stand together. There is power in our numbers. We are the majority! You are not alone in this. If we join our hearts and minds and take action, we can make a change! We are the people! Not these elite corporations who think they own us. They do NOT!


Let's BOYCOTT these companies that are against freedom of speech, honesty and integrity. I'm sure this list will grow. Let me know if you hear of any other businesses that are trying to destroy the First Amendment. Let your friends and family know. Let's get the word out! 

For a comprehensive list, info and alternatives to "woke" companies,

be sure to check out

Let's boycott the left-wing companies that stand against America and Freedom!

Here's what I do with AMAZON. I go elsewhere if I can. If not, I look for Made in the USA products. These are products "manufactured" in America. Amazon has a section for this actually. If we each do what we can and what works for us we can turn things around!

Another option is this ...

Find a cool product on Amazon?

Find the company web site.

Order from the company site (may save 10% with direct sale).

Still get product within 8-10 days.

Company avoids losing 25% margin share to Amazon.

You avoid giving money to Jeff Bezos.

Buying Tip! The keyword is "manufactured". Just because a Company shows a USA address does NOT mean it is an American product. The same goes for food and supplements! Buyer Beware!


One step at a time,

we can take back


We got to Live Local, Shop Local, Buy Local, Be a Local!

Why is this such a BIG deal? Because it makes us less dependent on BIG government and BIG monopolies that try and control our freedom.

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