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Big Tech Options: How to FIGHT Big Tech Censorship

This is REAL ... censorship is upon us. Not only do they tell us to stay home and isolate ... now it's stay home and we won't let you talk or communicate online with your friends or like minded people. Please check out these alternatives ASAP.


Folks! Do NOT delay! What's going on in America is REAL! This is not to give you fear but to give you knowledge so we can FIGHT this enemy seeking to censor and control everything we do and every aspect of our lives. We say NO! We are Freedom Fighters!

Scroll down for more Social Media options. I will add info as I receive it. We WILL win this fight!

-Cheryl, Freedom Fighter

Turn off  the Lame Stream Spews

(aka Main Stream News)!

Big Tech Alternatives

Fake News Alternatives

Please DO NOT watch the mainstream media. They lie. They deceive. They will kill the Spirit within you. Do your own research you will be surprised at what you can find!

Social Media Alternatives

similar to Facebook. App and website. Christian owner that stands up to the left. Click HERE to join my GAB Prayer Group.


Encrypted messaging. App and website. Similar to Twitter. Click HERE to join my Telegram Prayer Channel.


Similar to YouTube. App and website.


This is a private browser. I use this on my phone and laptop.


Replaces Spotify. They are also banning Trump supporters.


Created by a team who have all suffered under communism. They are doing everything they can to protect our freedom of speech. They own their own servers, have military grade encryption and security, and will NEVER try to silence our voices.


Started by Jason Miller (former President Trump media guy). It's similar to Twitter.


This not just about Trump. They are coming after us!


These platforms above are also banning other Conservative and Christian voices and Trump supporters. We need to band together and "cancel" them and choose other freedom seeking choices. Deactivate your account and tell them why. Remove the apps.


Firefox and Mozilla are also following Google's lead. And what's up with Pinterest? Really? Recipes and grandma's knitting patterns? Who would have thought ...



Firefox has announced that it will also partake in the Big Tech purge that's happening as we speak. Chrome, Yahoo, Bing and Duck Duck Go and Safari will undoubtedly follow. This means they won't even let you visit sites they deem "unsafe". Urgently download uncensored browsers: and Gab's Dissenter. If you don't do this now, you may not be able to in the future.


Get off Gmail/Yahoo. They can censor your emails and block your ability to communicate. One option is


Be sure to keep check that they have not turned off the Emergency Broadcast System. This is found in your Settings.

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